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Handcrafted Soap

Men's Collection
Rich & Creamy Lathery Handcrafted Soaps mixed with distinct fragrances and combined with many natural exfoliating ingredients such apricot kernel & oatmeal for softening & moisturizing your skin.


Aloe & Olive Oil SoapAloe & Olive Oil Soap


A rich soap loaded with lather that moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin smelling great and feeling refreshed. It has so much lather, men love to shave with it.

Creamy Goats Milk SoapCreamy Goats Milk Soap


Luxury creamy lathery soap that softens the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and silky. Very good for sensitive skin and skin disorders. It is Delicate enough for babies to use. This is our #1 seller.

Massage Bar SoapMassage Bar Soap


Indulge yourself with Rich & Creamy fresh Ground Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bar.  Enjoy this smooth, creamy & Rich  lather while exfoliating you skin at the same time.

Pomace Olive Oil SoapPomace Olive Oil Soap


A gently exfoliating soap your skin, while the rich lather moisturizes and leaves your skin smelling great and feeling silky smooth.

Shea & Silk SoapShea & Silk Soap


This soap gives you small silky bubbles that caresses your skin and leave it feeling soft to touch. It is very soothing, moisturizing, and act as a softening agent for the skin. Definitely a pampering and supple soap.kens

Signature Soap - Create A SoapSignature Soap - Create A Soap


Create your own personal soap. Choose your signature fragrance to create your signature Shea & Goat's Milk soap. You will receive Four (4) 4.5 - 5oz bars in your custom blended soap.

Associated Skin Care Professionals Association of Holistic Skin Care Practioners

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